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Save Your Gallbladder - Say No to Surgery

How to Remove GallBladder Stones without Surgery

GALLBLADDER STONES Treatment In Ayurveda & Homeopathy

Thousands of people are cured 100% only with the combination of medicines, you can also save yourself
No Cut, No Surgery, No Pain

18 mm की पथरी बाहर

3 महीने में ही 100% सफल परिणाम | 18mm की पथरी केवल दवाइयों से ऑपरेशन के बिना खतम | NATURAL HEALTH CARE (DELHI)द्वारा प्रदान की जाने वाली दवाएं। बिहार से पेशेंट ROMA की सफलता की कहानी उन्ही की जुबानी | इलाज से पहले और बाद की अल्ट्रासाउंड रिपोर्ट के लिए वीडियो अंत तक देखें। Treatment provided by Dr Subhash Chandra Send #whatsapp-reports on 8130-00-8430

Gallstone disease is a worldwide medical problem, they are hardened deposits of the digestive fluid bile that can form within the gallbladder. They vary in size and shape from small as a grain of sand to as a golf ball. Gallstones occur when there is an imbalance in the chemical constituents of bile that result in precipitation of one or more of the components. Gallstone disease is often thought to be a major affliction in modern society. Though it is considered as surgery is the only option for gallstones but at NHC, there is history of providing successful treatment of gallstones. We do have many success stories but toady let's meet ROMA, resident of Bihar.

gallbladder stone
gallbladder stone

“GallBladder stones cannot be removed without operation” but Dr. S.C Sharma – Natural Health Care treatment proved this statement completely wrong when ROMA residing in Bihar has got her 18mm gallstones removed with medicines only.

Gallstone Success Story

Can gallstones be removed without surgery? - Every gallbladder stone patient want to know this. Here we present a case of our patient ROMA from sufferring from gallbladder stone problem and searching for the answer of this question. Roma belongs to very nominal family of Bihar, she was suffering from gallbladder stone size 18mm in neck region.

gallbladder stone

Symptoms of Roma includes gallbladder stone pain in right side of stomach, gastritis, loss of appetite, digestion problem especially after the intake of heavy meals. 18mm stone in Gallbladder in it neck region, pain was obvious. She consulted us during during in August 2020, she don't want opt for operation as it was costly at that particular time due to covid 19 and also she was afraid of that.

As 18mm stone in gallbladder is a big size and when it is impacted at neck the condition is more critical, therefore surgery is only solution which is suggested by doctors to her.

But Dr. S.C Sharma - Natural Health Care (NHCLife) took her case and assured her that she can be treated with homeopathy and Ayurveda and it is possible to remove gallstones without operation. After one month of treatment she starts getting relief in pain and digestive issues. She continued treatment for 3 months

Dr S C Sharma - NATURAL HEALTH CARE knows and understands the power of Indian Ayurveda. So, he believes in it and tries his best to save people from the operation.

“Do not be afraid of good karma and decide to win.”
gallbladder stone
removed gallstones naturally without operation

मरीज ने अपना नाम रोमा से बदल कर नई रिपोर्ट्स में नीतू करवाया था, सही जांच के लिए ।

At NHC Life Center, we are happy to see our patients understand that if the count and size of the stones is more, the duration of treatment will be more. We congratulate all our patients for their success in our treatment as it is their belief which keeps us going for good.

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